BonaJobs is a job talent search engine, offering you the best talents in the African market today. Are you having trouble getting work done? We can help. Our team has made it easy for you to find talents who can help get your job done. What we do here, helps to bring humanity the opportunity for a greater visibility, thereby we enhance their lives and make them shine like the stars above.

Our search engine is one of the most powerful in the job market. Giving our users easy access to to find talents, thereby saving time and money. We give our users the opportunity to meet the right people at the right time, all in one place. The platform is designed to give users one of the best experience while searching for talents.

We give you the chance to:

  1. Identify new talents
  2. Communicate with potential candidates.
  3. Create full assessment regarding candidates.

We at BonaJobs believe that our organisation can have a dramatic impact on changing the lives of people, through more authentic, relevant and personalized experience. We are dedicated in building our continent.

Our Team

Ajong Clifford

One of the biggest challenges in the African Job market today is visibility. Here at BonaJobs we create the ideal play ground for employees and employers. This is a game changer.

Founder & CEO @ Bona Media Group

Rita Folefac

BonaJobs gives you plenty of flexibility with regards to controlling your information "Post", editing, updating your profile whenever you wish.

Cyber Security Analyst @ Bona Media Group

Chianange Ngeh Achille

Individuals and business owners can now hire employees in real time. It is easy, fast and dynamic, more to that it is FREE. This is the tool you need to get work done.

COO at Bona Media Group

Etinge Mabian

Our main objective was building an easy to use service with a fast load time, which can adapt to users need, and provide them with the best experience ever.

CTO @ Bona Media Group

Ebako Sengue Corine

We work hand in hand with our customers by understanding their point of interest, there by serving them the right information.

CMO @ Bona Media Group

Georgette Yollande Pouomegne

Investing in your time means you will definitely be making more money. Build your profile, upload your resume. That's the magic.

CFO @ Bona Media Group

How It Works?

We have few steps to follow before you can contact or open an account with us.

Create Account

Upload your resume, create a profile for yourself and tell us your profession. We match you with recruiters when they search your profession.

Search Talents

It is all in one place. Just type in the category and location for the talent you need, get connected with millions of talents near you.


A detailed description of your profession means a good profile, and a good profile means good visibility, instant connection with millions of recruiters.